About Andrew

Andrew Taylor is an ex-IT bug who has been shooting unsuspecting friends and irate strangers since childhood. Egged on by his madcap partner, he is now turning from portraiture, landscapes and architecture to documentary photography.

He aims to find beauty in the world, especially where it might not normally be sought; to document it without artifice or interference. He works almost entirely with natural light and small, light camera gear in order to remain mobile and unobtrusive at all times.

To the worryingly frequent question "Why are you taking a photograph of THAT?", he feels the best answer is always a powerful image of something commonplace or overlooked.

He works extensively in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and prefers a light touch where the most truthful representations are required.

He currently divides his time between England and Delhi, hates writing in the third person and if you see him, please just call him ‘Andy’.